Linear guide allow to obtain a linear motion based on the use of rolling elements, such as spheres or rollers. Through the circulation of rolling elements between the rail and the truck ,linear guide allow to obtain a highly accurate linear motion and are able to support loads both in vertical and horizontal direction. The friction coefficient of a linear guides is only 1/50 compared to that of a traditional system.

To provide the best results in any applications that requires linear systems, I.T.S. Italia provides precision profiled linear guides : they are compact linear guides with high stiffness and load capacity,  designed for linear movements and provide guides and trolleys according to the client's application. Since the spheres inside the carriage continuously recirculate , the profiled linear guides offer unlimited races. These systems are modular since allow to use all linear guides with all trolleys within a specific constructive dimension. Precision profiled linear guides have a lubricant reserve and are protected from impurities even in critical environmental conditions with a total shielding of carriages.

This range of products guarantee the interchangeability with the main market competitors.

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